Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The following quote is kind of random, but I like his thoughts on the creative side of our minds. He puts into words thoughts we all have about those times of inspiration we all have.

 "Now, the mind is more fitful than the strength of the body, and less under the steady control of the will, faster and further in its ebb, in proportion as it is fuller and grander in its flood. The day-laborer with his limbs can bear longer hours than the man of letters with his pen; and can produce more even work. And precisely as the faculties which he tasks are above the level of intellectual routine, is the thinker dependent on moods which he cannot command or prolong: -- to learn, to criticize, to judge, to arrange, being usually in his power; but to combine, to discover, to create, being the free gift of happy moments not his own.
Is he a compiler and fabricator of mental products? His process, like any other manufacture, may go on, wherever the machinery of industry is set in motion. Is he a poet or inventor? Then he seems to be the organ of another will, and to be now lifted into clear achievement, now sunk into deep humiliation. At times, a murky atmosphere appears to close in upon his soul and damp down its very flame to smoke, and all his faithfulness and patience are unavailing to perforate the gloom, and end only in the dripping of the sad rain. At another time he seems to be planted high in a pure and lustrous air; to look on nothing that does not shine with a self-light: the quick streaming thoughts flow upon him like a morning wind; every darkening cloud swims off to the far horizon and his heart with God.  James Martineau. 

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