Thursday, December 08, 2016

  When I read the quote below, I then went to Facebook and saw this picture of my Great Granddaughter enjoying her third day of life; I immediately thought that life truly is a matter of "Large issues and great hope."

  "When one is brought near to many people, and one asks oneself in a chilly discomfort, what is the use of it all, living thus in hard and futile habits, on dull and conventional lines; and then again one is suddenly confronted by some personality, rich in hope and greatness, touching the simplest acts of life, with an unearthly light, making them gracious and beautiful, and revealing them as the symbols of some pure and high mystery. Sometimes this is revealed by a word, sometimes by a glance; perfectly virtuous, capable, successful people may miss it; humble simple, quiet people may have it. One cannot analyze it or describe it, but one has instantaneously a sense that life is a thing of large issues and great hope." Arthur Benson.

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