Thursday, December 15, 2016

Why are Christians continually praising God you may ask?
Because when we share the love of God and we see a light go on deep within the hearts of the lost, we rejoice in the goodness of God. When tears flow as someone recognizes the consequences of their sin and pleads for forgiveness from God, we rejoice with joy unspeakable! When we witness the floodgates of love open on a heart that, for the first time, truly senses the Love of God for them, and we watch as their whole countenance changes from mourning into dancing our hearts shout, Praise Him!
When the Holy Spirit turns hardened pride into true humility, our hearts sing, great is the Lord! When the vicious sinner repents and believes Christ blood has washed away his guilt, we sing of the goodness of the Lord forever! As God calls the hurting the outcast, the downtrodden and as we witness His miracles of restoration and healing, we shout and our hearts gush with praises and joy!

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