Tuesday, February 21, 2017

I started working a Christian Hotline in January and it has been an experience only this post can express. Here is a conversation that the founder of the hotline and I had this week.

Thanks for all of your encouragement and for sharing the email with me. Great to hear from you.
By the way, i have been meaning to let you know that one of the young ladies you chatted with said some very nice things about you on our FB page...here is what she said, 

"Thank you yall have help me. the person i talk to name Fred he amazing he help me tonight. i was sad and hurting might end up killing my self or other worse i talk to him he help me i feel better
Thanks for all you do."

Her Facebook name is Lanna

Lanna!, Oh Sean, this girl is very special to me; she was raised in abuse, both verbal, physical and sexual, after her father abandoned her at 11, she lived with her mother, who had men over all the time and one in particular that was 55 when Lana was 13 and began having sex with Lana and all the mom said was, “I don't care what you do just don't do it in my bed."
 DHS took Lana from the home and she went into Foster care, when emancipated she had no education, no skills so she went into prostitution, and somewhere along the way, she saw a "Groundwire" video, kept the number, and months later, at 22, she called the line and God graced me with the call. That was two weeks ago; now see what Jesus has done in two weeks, here is her last email to me --- 

"I think god awnswer my preys. So i been haveing dream about my mom. Who i have not talk to or seen since i was like 16. I ask my sister if she was ok she said yea. I inbox my mom on facebook she told me she been ill for over a year but getting better. So today we been talking i was able kind of tell her how i feel and was able tell her i forgive her. That i wanted to bulid a relationship with her. She told me that she love me and always will so i am hope for a relationship."

 "With men, it is impossible, but with God all things are possible." 

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