Monday, February 27, 2017

  "I aim at making thought a little clearer, hope a little brighter; at disentangling some of the complex fibers of beauty and interest which are interwoven into the fabric of life. I try to put down very plainly some of the things that have helped me, some of the sights that have pleased me, some of the thoughts that have fed me. I speak, if I may say so, without conceit, just as a bird will sing, careless who listens to it. If the people who wander in the garden do not like the song, the garden is mine as well as theirs; they need not listen, or they can scare the bird with ugly gestures out of his bush if they choose." A. Benson.

  I really like this quote, I suppose it clarifies the purpose of my blog as much as anything. 
I also hope my blog is an example of Christian thought and expression, removing some boundaries, reminding, in addition, things lost or forgotten. 

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