Friday, March 24, 2017

   "The presence of a wise population implies the search for happiness as well as for food.
  The desire of he heart is also the light of the eyes.
  No scene is continually and untiringly loved, but one rich by joyful human labor---
  Smooth field; fair in garden; full in orchard; trim, sweet and fragrant in homestead.
  No air is sweet that is silent; it is only sweet when full of low currents of under-sound.
  Murmur and chirp of insects, deep-toned words of men, wayward trebles of childhood.
  As the art of life is learned, it will be found at last that all lovely things are also necessary -----
  The wild-flower by the wayside, as well as the tended corn, the wild-creatures of the forest, as well as the tended cattle.
  Man does not live by bread alone, but by every wondrous word and
unknowable work of God." Ruskin.

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