Tuesday, March 14, 2017

  "Those of us who endeavor to rule our lives to be as tranquil, as perceptive, as joyful as possible, are apt to be too impatient of the petty, mean, and sordid things with which the fabric of life is so much interwoven --- the ugly works of spiteful people, little fretting ailments, unsympathetic criticisms, coldness and indifference, tiresome business, wearisome persons. It is a deep-seated mistake. We cannot cast these things away as mere debris. They must be used, applied, accommodated. These are our materials, which we must strive to combine and adapt. To be disgusted with them, to allow them to disturb our serenity, is as though a painter should sicken at the odor of his pigments and the off-scouring’s of his pallet.  The truer economy is to exclude all such elements as we can, consistently with honor, tenderness and courage. Then we must not be dismayed with what remains; we must suffer it quietly and hopefully, letting patience have her perfect work. After all, it is from the soul that our work arises; and it is through these goads and stings, through pain and weariness joyfully embraced, that the soul wins strength and subtlety. They are as implements which cleave and break up the idle fallow, and without their work there can be no prodigal or generous sowing."

Arthur Benson.

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