Saturday, October 28, 2017

A friend of mine asked me - "I wonder, does God understand why we can be fickle with him? Does he see it as human nature?"

I think, and I may change tomorrow, but for today, I think as humans we are so neurotic that we are almost unable to have close intimate relationships with fellow Homo Sapiens, we fear, judge, recoil, close out, halt and stumble, try and impress, slow to forgive, shut people off and are quick to anger. Not a pretty thing when there is sooooo much to gain if we simply love. But we love so few people in a lifetime. Sad isn't it. But we cling to our comfortable little hide-aways and shrink our world to nearly a dozen or less out of 7 1/2 billion people. We are so poor at loving, at developing intimacy and personal relationships with strangers, when in reality, the entire world lives in a semi-isolation, especially the more educated it gets! So, does it surprise God that we are fickle with him, and are so poor at developing a close and intimate relationship with Him? I doubt it surprises Him at all. It may grieve Him, but surprise, no.

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