Thursday, May 25, 2006

Absolute Truth?

We live in an age when absolute truth is questioned. Some espouse there is no such thing as absolute truth and each creates and lives in his own reality. I think if we take a moment to reflect on the value of truth in our lives, we will see how important absolute truth is and how we all have the same need for it.
Every person is bound to love the truth. We recoil when we find truth absent from love, marriage, our government and courts. Whether it be in law, science, medicine or marriage, no progress can be made without absolute truth.
There is no justice without truth and scarcely a contract can be made without absolutes.

We are bound to love the truth in personal affairs as well, even in the smallest matters. Think about the importance of truth in the following-
In our daily thoughts; in our feelings; in our personal taste; in trifles as well as things of great importance; in matters of praise or blame; in good humored satire an wit; in that immense microscopic realm of human life down below human law, and even below the reach of public sentiment, where people are themselves the sole spectators of themselves.

Truth and justice, therefore are the soil out of which all moral faculties may be said to grow. Regardless where we are born or what culture we are in, we all share the same love for truth.
Charles Hodge

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