Thursday, May 25, 2006

Nursing home memory

I talked with a motivated Christian last week who had an interest in Nursing home ministry.
It reminded me of this experience I had a few years back. I was working with a woman named Joyce at the time, she is referenced in this account.

I had a haunting experience yesterday at the rest home. During the service about mid-way through a person was brought in with the metal cage type apparatus that fits your head when it's mandatory that your head does not move. It appears to be bolted into your head. Do you know the type of cage I'm talking about? This woman who wore this was, I assessed, in her mid sixties. which is young for the rest home. I could see traces of youthful beauty in her eyes. Although the Lord allows me to see the youth in most of the residents there. Anyway, this was her first visit to the service and I tried not to stare. As we sang and carried on in our normal fashion, Joyce was very moved that this lady was weeping and felt it necessary to tell me in the middle of a song. Joyce always has a way of putting people on the spot. which just makes me squirmy! Anyway I'm just sure this lady knows we're talking about her, so I make sure as not to stare. Anyway when the songs over Joyce goes up to her while I continue the service. Then Joyce stops me and has to put this lady on the spot just like I feared! Well, it turns out this lady wasn't uncomfortable about talking and she answers Joyce's inquiry about her tears by explaining that all her life she ran from God and was involved with drugs and the like, till November 10th, it all came to a head when her husband tried to kill her! In fact he actually did! She was pronounced dead, but was revived. She turned her life over to Christ after this experience and was so filled with joy that we all just rejoiced with her. She said she wanted to talk to me and Joyce after the service. Needless to say the hair is just now laying down on my neck. The balance of the service took on a different enthusiasm than the beginning, you can just imagine.
No way to exaggerate it.
After service I asked her if she wanted a ride home and so I took her to her room where we talked and I found out more detail. It turns out she is 46! One year older than Sue. It is impossible to tell because of her condition. The method her husband used to try and kill her was to run over her with his car! He crushed her skull, broke her neck in two places and to repair her neck they had to go in from the front so they had to slice her throat! Her hair was shaved and she had stitches all over her skull. Her skin was jaundice and she is very dehydrated and so her skin appears very old. She is just a mess. But she is on fiiiiiiiiiirrrrre with God!
She is in pain and can't lay down with that cage, she is in physical therapy daily to learn how to walk and to speak, which she does well, a little slow but clear. In all this horror she has a Jesus smile on her face that went the length of the corridor.
I'm ashamed to admit that in my church the testimonies are fewer than they should be. And the miracles are almost non-existent. But yesterday I sat and talked with a walking miracle of grace.
I can hardly shake her from my thoughts. I woke up last night with her face etched in my mind.
God still raises the dead, and saves the lost!!!!

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