Thursday, May 25, 2006

Peroxide, Studs and Gestapo Boots

A while back I had a friend who was having trouble with his teenager. So I thought I would
write him a little ditty of encouragement.

Peroxide, Studs and Gestapo Boots

Somewhere between innocence and arrogance
Lie those years with no defense.
A time when brains seep out the seams
those cherished years called the “Teens!”

Hating school, church, and home
and under that leaking peroxide dome,
is attitude, and barbed wire speech
lucky to stay outta Dad’s reach
when tempers flare like fire!!!

Loving smile they used to share
replaced with venom and hardware.
Innocent pursuits, now lame and dull,
now it’s “Pops, check out my tattooed skull.”

Studded tongues, nose with a ring,
I just don’t understand a thing!
Gestapo boots, chains and chants,
Damn it, pull up those baggy pants!

Compose myself, settle down.
I once terrorized my little town.
Fred Blauer 2-2000

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