Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Fire in the blood

“If we would discover the essential characteristic of the young, let us remember that’s the youth (teen), is he who has suddenly come into possession of prodigious and unexpected energies. Not slowly do these powers develop within us; they come, rather, as Minerva is fabled to have sprung from the head of Jupiter, fully grown and fully equipped. They are forced upon us long before we have gained any adequate idea of that outer world to which they must be adjusted; and for the time being they seem to defy restraint. It would be strange indeed if this sudden development did not give rise to faults and follies, as well as to noble ambitions and generous enthusiasms.
It is in this way that we must explain the restlessness, impatience, and irritability, which form so common a characteristic of these young lives of ours.
We have more spring in the muscles and more fire in the blood than we know what to do with. From fifteen to twenty-one the powers expand with lightning rapidity.” Beaten Paths

I have always loved this piece, it is so observable, so common to all. I think when God designed us he gave us this power to use to establish our foundations for life. The amount of learning, and the amount of labor needed to educate and begin a career is so great that we need these, never again to be experienced, energies. The caution that necessarily goes with it is, if not used to advance and develop ourselves for the future, this energy will be spent, and if not for good, then for ill, and ill in magnum force.

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