Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Slobbering puppy-dogs

“There are as many kinds of voices as there are of men. There are voices that delight you with their rich cadences, and voices that distress you with their thin and reedy notes. There are voices that arouse, voices that give you the fidgets, and voices that put you to sleep. There are voices that salute the ears like the growl of a wild beast, and voices that seem to smite you in some sensitive part, provoking instant hostility. Speaking generally, the voice is a most valuable index to the character. Peevish individuals lapse into a habitual whine; nervous people speak with a succession of small electric discharges; while the boor grunts with the labor of expressing his thought. You recognize the clergyman the moment he begins to speak, for his voice carries with it a suggestion of congregations and solemn ceremonies; but if you hear prim and positive tones that lay down the law, as it were, there is a school-teacher. An honest man’s voice has a ring about it like that of pure metal, while the hypocrite’s tones are as smooth and slippery as the road to hell. You can tell by a man’s voice whether it is safe to fool with him or not; for there are some voices that come slobbering over you like a lot of puppy-dogs wagging their tails, and there are others whose every tone implies,
“Business – and don’t you forget it!” Beaten Paths

Now although this piece isn't precise science, it is interesting and how many people does it bring to mind? And, where do you fit in?

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