Saturday, August 04, 2007

Death Calling

When I saw this sculpture, and being sixty years old, I didn't relate to the spiritual implications. Trust me at 60 the old malibu isn't running like it used to. As you enter your fifties and sixties, the reality of death enters your ruminations far more.
But the truth is, this picture depicts the struggle of the soul and the relentless pursuit of spiritual death, and is far more relevant. Maybe more in our cultures than many, we will do valiant battle or be overcome. No middle ground in America, the assault is far too aggressive to passively meander the narrow path.
The soul pictured here has allowed herself to wander far too close to darkness and but for a miracle, this soul will be captured and tormented. Resist, but resist before the clutches of evil enfold you.

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HAINAngel2000 said...

This picture to me when you say death calling, I see spirit being ripped from flesh in a releaving way. But I also see some with demons to take them.. WOW that is a powerful picture!! Mary