Sunday, August 26, 2007

While reading the Treasury of David, by Spurgeon, my eyes fell on the following and thought it was said well.....

"The difference between an unconverted and a converted man is not that one has sins, and the other has none; but that the one takes part with his cherished sins against a dreaded God, and the other takes part with a reconciled God against his hated sins....

It is God's love, from the face of Jesus shining into my dark heart, that makes my heart open to him, and delight to be his dwelling place. The eyes of the just Avenger I cannot endure to be in this place of sin; but the eye of the compassionate Physician I shall gladly admit into this place of disease; for he comes that he may heal such sin-sick souls as mine."
William Arnot

Elsewhere William Howels says..

" It is a solemn fact, that there is not an evil principle in the bosom of the devil himself which does not exist in ours, at the present moment, unless we are fully renewed by the power of the Holy Spirit. That these evil principles do not continually develop themselves, in all their hideous deformity, is entirely owing to the restraining and forbearing mercy of God."

Now, as for myself, I think it is a great mercy that God restrains me. I often forget how difficult all my relationships would be if God did not guide and restrain my human nature. Hopefully, with his continued mercy, at my death there will be some good things done for God, but far more in abundance will be the evil He restrained me from doing.

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