Saturday, December 29, 2007

Sunshine at the fireside

I came across the following thought, author unknown, likely story; anyway, it can be applied to either sex, but it carries with it a strong warning to find the right person when considering a life-long mate.

"The more affectionate and doting, a woman is the worse for her husband, unless he be a saint. Were she a termagant (loud and violent), he could harden himself against her, but when she coaxes and cries like Sampson's wife, in the nine cases out of ten he will do what Lygate did when he married Rosamond Vincy--
give up all his ambition for study, stifle the voice of his conscience when it demands sacrifice, and devote himself to gaining the wherewithal to keep sunshine at his fireside by the unlimited indulgence of a frivolous woman's fancy."

No question, life is a balancing act, but there are some battles that must be fought and they will intrude on our home life. If a man and wife are in the battles together, it is a stronger chord, but if not, much will be left undone.

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