Thursday, December 06, 2007

Take a Load Off Your Ticker

Never, ever, get cocky about your heart health. You can ace your cholesterol test and still end up clutching your chest. While analyzing the medical histories of more than 300,000 adults, Dutch researchers discovered that just 5 pounds of extra weight increases your heart-attack risk by 20% -- even if you don't smoke and your blood cholesterol are at safe levels. 'Stored fat produces inflammatory chemicals that damage blood vessels and alter blood makeup, promoting clots.' says study author Rik Rogers, PH.D.

The good news is that within all berries, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and legumes are heart protecting components that help your body prevent clots, as well as fighting cancer and every other ailment.
So, eat a handful of nuts a day, six servings of either fruits or vegetables, more if you like, and you will have little room for killing foods. I can't believe I've heard we need six servings of fruits and vegetables a day and never took the advice. I'm gonna do it!

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