Saturday, December 15, 2007

There's a great tool on the Prevention Magazine web-site. Under weight loss, there is a daily calorie counter. You put in the weight you would like to be, then your height, age, sex, activity level and then it calculates how many calories you should eat a day to maintain that weight. It surprised me how many calories I can eat a day. Here's an example--

For a male that is 6'2" 37 years old, lightly active and say wanted to weigh 210 pounds-- His daily calorie intake should be 2,726 calories.

It is nearly impossible to be the weight you want to be and not know how many calories you should eat a day. This tool makes it simple. Handy huh?


Donna said...

is this a subscription website?

Anonymous said...

No, it is free and there are lots of good articles about health and nutrition, along with tools for losing weight, living longer and happier. It is a trusted source compared to most. Good stuff.
Men's Health also has a site, for men only of course.