Monday, February 22, 2010

There is no way to get the values of the countryside so good as walking. If you have a horse he gets in between you and the glory of the landscape, and if you whiz along the road in an automobile, you had as well, save for the fresh air, be at a moving picture show. Only when you walk do you get the personal, minute, and intimate acquaintance with nature.

It is even so in our intellectual life. When we think along with a political party, a religious sect, a literary cult, or an artistic school, we may be said to be traveling by train through the land of ideas. When we leave all groups and creeds and plunge alone into life’s problems, see and determine things for ourselves, and form our own tastes and persuasions, we may be said to walk.

There are times, perhaps most of the time, when we must perforce go by train; the affairs of society and the state being too complex for individual capacity. We must possibly vote the party ticket, go to church, join the literary crusade, and co-operate in this or that group; but we should reserve the right to go often upon an independent ramble.

“There are men,” writes Hamerton, “whose whole art of living consists in passing from one conventionalism to another, as a traveler changes his train. To them intellectual independence is unintelligible. Why go afoot when you may sit comfortably in a train, a rug around your lazy legs and your head resting softly in a corner?”

When I read this I thought about my friend Soto launching out on a new path alone, "upon an independent ramble." There is a certain degree of fright to it but that is overtaken by the fresh newness of it all and the energy that is generated by discovery and adventure. May he "walk" in green pastures.


Matt said...

ahhh... good stuff. Who wrote it? Reminds me of those who keep landing institutionalized though...

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Fred:)

What is written is perfectly true.As intelligent human beings we have to see things from various angles and the best way to do it is to carefully study everything that is presented to us in this world. Normally, we like to absorb whatever is being taught to us.We don't think out of the box.

Recently I was reading a new Bible which says both Adam and Eve were created by God at the same time.All along I was thinking that God created Adam first and then took one of his ribs to create Eve. This set me thinking. If this is the case both men and women are equal and both have a purpose to fullfil on this earth. Perhaps you have some thoughts on this new thinking?

Have a nice day Fred:)

FCB said...

Hi Matt,
Glad you like this; thought you would, you are not afraid to often go on an independent ramble. Dr. Frank Crane is the author.
I think your last comment addresses the likelihood of landing back in prison, and statistically you're right, but I hope for better things.
Love Dad

Hi Joseph,
Good to hear from you and always good to hear your perspective which always comes in different angles.
I don't know the answer to the Adam and Eve issue but I personally believe that men and women are equal and the Bible does say that in Christ there is no male or female but all in Him.
I think we will leave all that is unequal to this old world when we leave for the next.
God bless,