Monday, February 22, 2010

"There is something about a stringed instrument that makes it more human than all others.
The violin has a soul. The voice of the violoncello is a spirit's cry.
A tone's a tone, of course, just as a man's a man; yet as some men have kingly and prophetic spirits, and some are but little better than animals, so some tones come all surrounded with suggestions, enclosing strange implications, attended by spiritual connotations, drenched with mystery, dripping with the waters of the infinite.
I wonder if it is the catgut? Does this fragment of a dead animal become the medium speaking to us the unknowable secrets of that darkness into which animal-souls go when the body dies?
When I hear a skillful cellist draw his bow across the string, the sound that penetrates me is not like that of a drum or a harp-string, but it is a veritable voice, the voice of one calling across the lake of tears in my heart."

This little essay comes from a book titled "Four Minute Essays" by Dr. Frank Crane.
I found it rummaging around antique stores last week on a trip to the coast. The post below this one comes from the same book. A delightful, thought filled little book, quite a find for six bucks.

Picture by Alexander Kharlamov


Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Fred:)

Very delightful thoughts.Very deep philosophical thoughts. It made me sit up and think.Very beautifully analysed.Very rarely we think on these lines.

It is wonderful to see you picking up these books and sharing with us.The other day I walked into a second hand book store and bought a book with great indepth study on the fist four chapters of St.John's gospel. Very useful information.

Have a nice day Fred:)

Mel said...

Hiya Fred! Having been a viola player for several years during junior high and high school, this post resonated in my heart. I hope all is well with you and yours.


FCB said...

Hi Joseph,
Thanks for your comments; to my way of thinking there is nothing quite like rummaging through an old book store in hopes of finding some little book filled with interesting nuggets, and better yet if the price is very low. Wish I were with you on your hunt, glad to see you got a good find.
God bless,

Hiya Mel!
I didn't know you played an instrument and I'll bet this did resonate with you, and I'm glad I shared it. Sometimes at work the brothers talk about sacred and secular music, I think all music that stirs the heart is sacred whether it has Christian lyrics or not. I can just imagine you playing those deep penetrating notes as a young girl, food for the soul!
God bless,