Monday, April 26, 2010

"The day arrives, the moment wished and feared;
The child is born, by many a pang endeared,
and now the mother's ear has caught the cry;
O grant the cherub to her asking eye!
He comes -- she clasps him. To her bosom pressed,
He drinks the balm of life, and drops to rest.
Her by her smile how soon the stranger knows;
How soon by his the glad discovery shows!
As to her lips she lifts the lovely boy,
what answering looks of sympathy and joy!
he walks, he speaks. In many a broken word
His wants, his wishes, and his griefs are heard.
And ever, ever to her lap he flies,
when rosy sleep comes on with sweet surprise.
Locked in her arms, his arms across her flung
(that name most dear forever on his tongue)
as with soft accents round her neck he clings,
and, cheek to cheek, her lulling song she sings,
how blest to feel the beatings of his heart,
breathe his sweet breath, and kiss for kiss impart.
Watch o'er his slumbers like the brooding dove,
and, if she can, exhaust a mother's love."

I ran across this piece on "Human Life", and thought this part on a mother's love captures it like few things I've ever read. So sweet, so tender. God's richest gift.

Samuel Rogers, photo by Tom Florres Sr.


Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Fred:)

Excellent post on mothers invaluable role in the nursing and bringing up children. The human race depends on mothers love. The automatic, boundless,selfless love of a mother is something which cannot be explained in words.

Lovely photo of the child and the proud,happy mother.

Best wishes:)

FCB said...

Hi Joseph,
I always enjoy reading your comments on motherhood, you have such a high regard and respect for this powerful position God has graced mothers with.
God bless,