Monday, February 04, 2013


   As I entered the nursing home dining room, where the Lord graces and turns into a sanctuary as we seek Him, there sat Rita.
 Rita was a new face to me; she had moved in since last I visited. She was a physically and mentally challenged woman, about forty I suspect, so petite, and as I greeted her she responded with the most delightful voice. Her girlish charm immediately captured my heart as her face spread with smiles.
 As I approached her I had such a sense of God’s presence that I could feel my face flush and a gush of fondness permeated my heart. I’ve come to recognize these rare experiences, and where once I may have hesitated, I now take it as the unheard voice of God to act and prepare for a loving connection. I was almost giddy with anticipation and kind of stumbled over my words with eager expectation. Truly I was charmed. She was outgoing and blended her conversation with humor and candor. I asked her about her faith which she enthusiastically shared and before the visit came to an end she asked if she could sing to me Rock of Ages in a weak and off key voice; it was wonderful! This brought her memory to the loss of her mother and she began to weep and ask for my prayers. I prayed for her all the while she wept and quietly sobbed. I held her hand and stroked her brow resisting the urge to just scoop her up in an embrace. I’m forever changed by these moments spent with the least of His. 

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