Monday, February 11, 2013

Shades of Faith

 “Yet looking round among his fellows, who can pass righteous judgment,
Such an one is holy and accepted, and such an one reprobate and doomed?
And the army of that Great King hath no stated uniform.
What art thou, O man, that art fixing the limits of the fold?
Wherefore settest thou stakes to spread the tent of heaven?
Lay not the plummet to the line: religion hath no landmarks:
No human keenness can discern the subtle shades of faith:
In some it is as earliest dawn, the scarce diluted darkness;
In some as dubious twilight, cold and grey and gloomy;
In some the ebon east is streaked with flaming gold;
In some the dayspring from on high breaketh in all its praise.
And who hath determined the when, separating light from darkness?
Who shall pluck from earliest dawn the promise of the day?
Leave that care to the Husbandman, lest thou garner tares;
Help thou the shepherd in his seeking, but to separate be His…….”

Martin F. Tupper, photo by Sung Wook Chung. 

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