Thursday, November 06, 2014

  "It is the unwritten oracles of God that have most deeply stirred the hearts of the devout, --- the beauty of the heavens and the earth, the secret heroism of duty, the mystery of sorrow, the solemnity of death, and Scripture itself is only so far the "Word of God" as it truly plants us face to face with these, his silences." James Martineau.

  I chose this picture by Pino Daeni to illustrate the "heroism of duty". I especially like his last line that implies that Scripture sensitizes us to "His silences". This quote reminds me of one I posted June 16th, 2014 that says, speaking of how God uses nature to broaden the young girl's heart --- 

“The stars of midnight shall be dear
to her; and she shall lean her ear
In many a secret place,
Where rivulets dance their wayward round,
And beauty born of murmuring sound
Shall pass into her face." 

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Eric Blauer said...

His silences.
Well said.