Friday, October 31, 2014

Countless times I have looked at those who parade themselves with a swagger and a cold, unapproachable look and met them in return with a vacant face only to find out later that they had so much to offer and through conversation, made a connection that ripened into a friendship. The following quote speaks to this with far more eloquence.  

 "How often may you hear the querulous dialogue, the mutual complaint, the artificial fence of hurting speech, between those who, if they would but burst the barrier of their pride, would fall into each other's arms, and in dismissing the fiend, let the reconciling angel in! The pure and tender eye which is not arrested by the troubled and broken surface, but sends its glance behind and within, not only sees the actual love that lives there, but warms and wakes the possible love that was asleep and never stirred before." James Martineau.

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