Saturday, October 25, 2014

 I like this following quote; I take it to mean that the secret dwelling place of God is where the souls of men concern themselves with others. For the soul struggling with enslavements, we help them to overcome: standing by them, encouraging, consoling: rejoicing in victories, compassionate in failures.
And to those that breathe purer air, those diligent in goodness: watching their steps, inspired on by their successes, horizons broadened by their example.
God dwells in the society of men and it is there we see him most clearly.

 "If there were no ranks of souls within our view; if all were upon a platform of republican equality; if there were but a uniform citizenship of spirits, and no royalty of goodness, and no slavery of sin; if nothing unutterably great subdued us to allegiance, and nothing sad and shameful roused us to compassion; -- I believe that all divine truth would remain entirely inaccessible to us, and our existence would be reduced to that of intelligent and amiable animals; the secret dwelling of the Almighty would be closed against our most penetrating vision." James Martineau.

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