Tuesday, October 14, 2014

  “To me, I confess, it seems a very considerable thing, just to believe in God; difficult indeed to avoid honestly, but not easy to accomplish worthily, and impossible to compass perfectly; -- a thing not lightly to be professed, but rather humbly to be sought; not to be found a the end of any syllogism, but in the inmost fountains of purity and affection; - not the sudden gift of intellect, but to be earned by a loving and brave life. It is indeed the greatest thing allowed to mankind, -- the germ of every lesser greatness; and he who can say, “I have faith in the Almighty,” makes a higher boast than if he could declare, “The Mediterranean is my garden, and mine is every branch that waves upon its shore, from the cedars of Lebanon to the pine upon the Alps. James Martineau.

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