Tuesday, October 07, 2014

There is a story of a young man that came up with a little handful of men to attack a king who had a great army of 3,000 men. The young man had only 500, and the king sent a messenger to the young man saying, that he need not fear to surrender, for he would treat him mercifully. The young man called up one of his soldiers and said: “Take this dagger and drive into your heart. And calling up another, he said to him, “Leap off that cliff,” and the man leaped to his death. The young man then said to the messenger, “Go back and tell your king I have got 500 men like these. We will die but we will never surrender. And tell your king another thing, that I will have him chained with my dog inside of half an hour.” And when the king heard that, he did not dare to meet them, and his army fled before them like chaff before the wind, and within twenty-four hours he had that king chained with his dog. Moody.
As Christians, we have the comfort of Angels, the very word of God to stand on, and the Spirit of the living Christ to strengthen us; shall we not face our failings, addictions, and foes with a courage displayed by those who have none of these helps? Moody. 

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