Wednesday, December 30, 2015

  If you don't know the story of Joan of Arc you owe yourself the blessing of learning of her life, faith and heroics. At thirteen and a half she heard the voice of the Holy Spirit. The voice which gave her the vision that she would go and help the King in the battle of Orleans, which defeat seemed imminent. After a long series of events, at the age of seventeen, she believed God had told her, "that she would save Orléans and would compel the English to raise the siege, that she herself in a battle before Orléans would be wounded by a shaft but would not die of it." As history records, she led the battle and they were victorious, which led to a series of successes where the principle aim of Joan's mission was attained. There is a quote by one of her life-long friends that I ran across which gives insight to the battles.

I was her playmate, and I fought at her side in the wars; to this day I carry in my mind, fine and clear, the picture of that dear little figure, with breast bent to the flying horse's neck, charging at the head of the armies of France, her hair steaming back, her silver mail plowing steadily deeper and deeper into the thick of the battle, sometimes nearly drowned from sight by tossing heads of horses, uplifted sword-arms, windblown plumes and intercepting shields." Sieur Louis De Conte.

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