Monday, December 14, 2015

  "St. Claude, a man of deep faith and devotion, was unjustly imprisoned in the Bastille. At the same time there was a man confined of so ferocious and brutal a disposition that no one dared to approach him. He seldom spoke without a volley of threats and blasphemies, and struck every one who approached him with the utmost violence. Every possible plan to humanize this monster had proved in vain, when the governor entreated Claude to undertake the work. His humility would have induced him to decline, but persuasion prevailed. Accordingly, the humble Christian was shut up with this human brute, who exhausted his ferocity in reviling’s, blows, and yet more savage tokens of barbarity of his disposition. While this treatment continued, silence, patience, and mildness, were the only reply of the man of God. His prayers achieved the rest. The monster at length looked on the face of his companion, suddenly threw himself at his feet, and embracing them, burst into a flood of tears, entreated his forgiveness, and sought him to give him instructions in the religion which thus influenced his conduct. He became entirely changed, and even when his liberty was given him, he could scarcely be prevailed on to leave his Christian friend."
Author unknown.

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