Saturday, December 12, 2015

"The godly mother of Rev. John Newton died when he was but seven years old, leaving him with only the memory of her religious teaching and goodness. At an early age he became a dissipated sailor. The memory of his mother brought him to himself and started a stream of incalculable influence. Through him Claudius Buchanan was converted, who became a missionary to India. He wrote, "The Star in the East," which made Adoniram Judson a missionary to India. Newton was also the means of converting Thomas Scott, the commentator. Through him Cowper was rescued from despondency and his harp tuned to the key of religion. His influence upon the career or Wilberforce is asserted, and also that the abolition of the slave trade was one of its results. Wilberforce wrote, "A Practical View of Christianity," a useful book, the instrument of converting Leigh Richmond the author of "The Dairyman's Daughter," which has saved thousands. And back of it all stands the faithful mother of John Newton."  

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