Tuesday, February 09, 2016

  In the two following quotes by Martineau and Beecher, I find many reasons we enjoy life.

 "On an ocean liner traveling to some far off destination, there were many different and interesting people; there was a family in mourning taking to their home-graves the body of a loved one. And there was one who was of rare truth and wisdom, the likes of which is seldom heard; and another person of deep faith that everyone respected; and another person of such love that all trusted her; and another with persuasive lips, from which thoughtful genius and the simplest heart poured forth the true music of humanity.

  The whole globe is a museum to those who have eyes to see. Rare plays are unfolding before every man who can read the drama of life intelligently. Not go to theaters? Wicked to see plays? Every street is a theater.
One cannot open his eyes without seeing unconscious players. There are Othellos, and Hamlets, and Lears, and Juliet’s all about us.
Be cheerful yourself, and good natured, and respectful, and every man has a secret for you worth knowing. There is a schoolmaster waiting for you behind every door. Every shopman has a look at life different from yours."

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