Friday, June 23, 2017

Description of the Misanthrope

  "He is a man who avoids society only to free himself from the trouble of being useful to it. He is a man who considers his neighbors only on the side of their defects, not knowing the art of combining their virtues with their vices, and of rendering the imperfections of other people tolerable, by reflecting on his own. He is a man more employed in finding out and inflicting punishments on the guilty, than in devising means to reform them. He is a man who talks of nothing but banishing and executing; and who, because he thinks his talents are not sufficiently valued and employed by his fellow-citizens, or rather because they know his foibles, and do not choose to be subject to his caprice, leads him to talks of quitting cities, towns and societies, and living in dens or deserts." Saurin.

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