Friday, June 16, 2017

  "Let us admit that the outward life has for some time now tyrannized over us; excessively invading our private habits; narrowing our modes of thought and sentiment; benumbing the consciousness of our spiritual nature; and impairing the reality of God. Let us admit that the Divine Spirit is gone into distance and strangeness from us, and is hard to reach; that solitude brings no unspeakable converse with God, no ready consecration; that the senses and the understanding seem nearer to us than those that touch the soul; that the crowd and noise are too close and constant on us, confusing our better perceptions, and leading us always to look around, but seldom to look up; that the glare of the lamps has destroyed the midnight and put out the stars; God asleep, and heaven only a murmur from our dreams."  James Martineau.

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