Thursday, September 14, 2017

 "There is a personal language in the Bible; we hear in its pages living voices of living men speaking to us. 
Phrases of the Bible startle us by their direct application to us; they cling to us and reach even where no friend's voice can reach.
A presence falls quietly on the soul, stillness is appreciated, living without the epic, but finding under the surface an alluring simplicity.  
Every moment a promise, not to be found slipping through our fingers, but grasped, possessed, enjoyed.
New sensations of hope, and a heart quieting peace all permeated with a deep elation and joy. Leaving the shallows for deeper currents.
Jesus brings the fascination back into life: laughter, charm, and purpose. And even the smallest doubting faith finds a self-multiplying power." James Martineau. 

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