Saturday, September 09, 2017

  "It was not meant that the enjoyments of life should be few and intense, but many and gentle; and great happiness is the sum of a multitude of drops.
They who are seeking enjoyment in remote ways, abandoning familiar things and common experience for wild and outstretched flights, will find more and more, as life advances, that they have taken the road to yearnings, but not to enjoyment. The secret of happiness lies in the health of the whole mind, and in giving to each faculty due occupation, and in the natural order of their superiorities, the Divine first, the human second, the material last. And every one can find, but in different degrees, the food for all their faculties in that sphere into which God has cast their lot. Instead of seeking happiness by going out of our place, our skill should be to find it where we are.

Our pleasures, like honey, should be extracted not from a few stately flowers, named and classic, but from the whole multitude, great and small, which God has sown with profuse hand to smile in every nook, and to make the darkest corners warm with their glowing presence. Every thing which is made has an errand to us, if we will hear." Henry Ward Beecher.    

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