Tuesday, September 12, 2017

  "Jesus was know as a Man of sorrows; of one serene indeed in spirit, and of strength divine and clear; but with a tinge throughout of sad earnestness, -- sometime flushing up into a transient glow of hope, -- rarely deepening into the shade of visible anguish; and yet throughout, from the wrestling’s in the desert to his cry upon the cross, showing itself in miracles of pity and in nights of prayer; in the light of his love and the flash of his invective, -- his delight in nature and in childhood, his abhorrence of Pharisees and hypocrites; in the deep beauty of his parables, and the melancholy wisdom of his prophecies; in the sedate unity of his life and quiet majesty of his death. How indeed is he represented by the emblem in which Christendom has embodies its veneration? The crucifix is the accepted symbol of grief divinely borne." J. Martineau.

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