Thursday, February 15, 2018


 "Rachel just cannot get over what I have done to her. We have been to counselors, both individually, and, only a little, together. I have treated her like a queen for six months, written her love letters, virtually abandoned my practice to spend time with her -- everything I can possibly think of. She says she can forgive me as a person, but that she can't as a husband. She says that I "threw her away" for another woman; that she can ever trust me again; that she doesn't love me, like me, or respect me, that she will never feel special to me again; that I killed her love for me; that she would rather I had killed her than have done what I did.
Just today, she has asked me to move out of the house. She has even said that I love this other woman and one day will go back to her.

Nothing can be further from the truth. I love my wife and family, and the thought of losing them is too much to bear. We've prayed for help and guidance, but we just haven't made any progress. Over the past six months, she has fluctuated quite a bit, but always seems to come back to a literal rage of depression, bitterness, anger, and hurt. It has been hell, and it looks like it's going to explode."

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