Wednesday, February 14, 2018

  "Hugh found reading must be for him an attempt to refine and quicken his insight into the human mind. He must study expression and personality; he must keep his spirit sensitive to any hint of truth or beauty, any generous and ardent intuition, any grace and seemliness of thought and as opening to him a larger perspective of human life, and revealing to him the conclusions to which experience and life had brought men of other nationalities and other creeds. Biography was his most beloved study, because it opened up to him the vast complexity of human motive; but he thought that its chief value had been in revealing to him the extra-ordinary part that convention and adopted beliefs and motives played in the majority of lives." Arthur Benson.

  I like this quote because the older I get the more interested I've become in learning about myself, others and their motives, my motives as well. Greek philosophy said, "Know thyself," and I can better learn myself through the thoughts and actions of others. So whether it is Bible, filled with all kinds of literature, or biography, or clinical case histories, it is where my focus has been these last few years: I think it has helped me grow.

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