Friday, May 25, 2018

  "Sometimes one comes across a person with whom living is a fine art; then one realizes what a much more beautiful creation it is than books or pictures. It is a kind of sweet and solemn music. Such a man or woman has time to read, to talk, to write letters, to pay calls, to walk about the farm, to go and sit with tiresome people, to spend long hours with children, to sit in the open air, to keep poultry, to go to church, to remember what his and her relations are doing, to enjoy garden parties, to like to see young people enjoying business, to be a welcome presence everywhere, and to leave a fragrant memory, watered with tears. That is to live. And such lives, one is tempted to think, were more possible, more numerous, a hundred years ago. But now one expects too much, and depends too much on exciting pleasures, whether work or play. Arthur Benson.

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