Tuesday, May 08, 2018

"Test yourselves to see if you are in the faith; examine yourselves!"  2 Cor. 13:5

 "But whoever can so look into my heart as to tell whether there is anything which I revere; and, if there is, what thing it is; he may read me through and through, and there is no darkness wherein I may hide myself. This is the master key to the whole moral nature; what does a man secretly admire and worship? What haunts him with the deepest wonder? What fills him with the most earnest aspiration? What should we overhear in the soliloquies of his unguarded mind? That it is which, in the truth of things, constitutes his religion.

Lift the veil that hides the innermost parts of his worship, let me see what his spirit bows too and let me catch a whiff of his incense, and look in the face the image at whose feet he is prostrate; and thenceforth I know him well; and I can tell where to find him in the world and the divine temper of his home.
Show me the engagements to which he takes with the heartiest relish, the sentiments that raise his quickest response, the occasions that visibly call him out and shake him free, the moments of his brightening eye, and genial laugh, and flowing voice, those will leave on us an irresistible impression of his sincerest tastes and deepest desires. And above all, does he reveal these, when we discover the persons who most occupy his thoughts; in whom he sees what he would like to be or to appear, and whose lot or life he feels it would be an ascent to gain." Martineau.  

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