Saturday, April 15, 2006

Honor old age

A Russian princess of great beauty, in company with her father and a young French marquis, visited a celebrated Swiss doctor of the eighteenth century, Michael Scuppack, when the French marquis began to pass one of his jokes upon the long white beard of one of the doctor’s neighbors who was present.
He offered to bet twelve gold pieces that no lady present would dare to kiss the dirty old fellow. The Russian princess ordered her attendant to bring a plate, and she deposited twelve gold pieces and sent it to the French marquis, who was too polite to decline his bet. The fair Russian then approached the old peasant, saying,
“Permit me, venerable father, to salute you after the manner of my country,”and embracing him, gave him a kiss. She then presented him the gold, which was on the plate, saying, “ Take this as a remembrance of me, and as a sign that the Russian girls think it their duty to honor old age.” Well Springs of Truth" 1883


matblue said...

I should tell you this. The other day we went to a friends house and his great-grandmother was there who is almost 90. I shook her hand and sat to talk with her. She was mentally fit and I enjoyed talking with her. I wouldn't have bothered if I hadn't learned from you the importance of touching and talking to the elderly. Thank you.

fcb4 said...

Amen matt,
I too see the influence of your heart for the elderly on me so often. The aged are always within reach when I am in the room and it is you that gave me those hands.

FCB said...

Those are both reports that mean so much to me. We all influence each other and it is such a God thing. The outcast, the oppressed, the elderly, and now with Mary, the infants.
From the womb to the grave Jesus cares for us.