Sunday, April 23, 2006

Purpose and Direction

The thing, which an active mind most needs, is a purpose and direction worthy of its activity. The dread that we have that precious hopes will never be realized is more than half of the burden that we have to bear. Better fail a thousand times and in everything else, than attempt to shape for yourself a life without God, without hope in Christ, and without an interest in heaven. But those who have a high, pure aim in life, some noble end to be accomplished for the benefit of our fellow creatures, and the advancement of the interests of the Redeemer’s kingdom, if such an object is labored and striven for, in the strength of the Lord, something precious and beautiful in the sight of God and the angels will be formed, a full and completely rounded life, answering the end for which it was created. Well Springs of Truth

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matblue said...

You have a great book there. This post couldn't be said any better. I so completely agree, how couldn't we?