Sunday, April 23, 2006

Loyalty to Duty

There are dogs of Herculaneum which display faithful loyalty to duty. One such dogs cast was taken from the ash cavity in which he was discovered. He died of suffocation and agony. But, like the sentinel, he never left his post. The Herculaneum dog Delta has left behind him a wonderful record of valor. In the disinterment of the buried city, his skeleton was found stretched over that of a boy of about twelve years old, most probably clasping his charge to prevent his being suffocated or burned. The boy perished as well as the faithful Delta, but a collar remains to tell of the noble courage of the dog. It relates that he had three times saved the life of his master—from the sea, from robbers, and from wolves.”
If there is such a spirit of loyalty to duty to be found in poor brutes, how much more ought human beings to cultivate this quality?. Well Springs of Truth 1883

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