Saturday, April 15, 2006

Learn to condense

Matt, you're going to love this post!

Southey says, “If you would be pungent, be brief; for it is with words as with sunbeams—the more they are condensed the deeper they burn.” Long visits, long stories, long exhortations and long prayers seldom profit those who have to do with them. Life is short. Time is short. Moments are precious. Learn to condense, abridge and intensify. We can endure many an ache and ill if it is soon over, while even pleasures grown insipid and pain intolerable if they are protracted beyond the limits of reason and convenience.” Learn to be brief. Lop off branches; stick to the main facts in your case. If you pray ask for what you would receive, and get through; if you speak tell your message, and hold your peace; boil down two words into one, and three into two.” Well Springs of Truth 1883

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matblue said...

Dad! Yes, I love it. Economy in everything! Love it!!! Looks like you found a precious book. I love the one about the Russian as well.