Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The following is an inspirational thought that came to D.L. of "forhissake" the other morning.

Painting the Beauty of Christ....
I was given sight and used that gift to observe the beauty of creation; I was gifted with great artistic ability and created paintings that took people's breath away; I convinced myself that I was serving God and man by spending all my time perfecting these gifts. Then, my vision was taken from me by disease and my eyes grew dim. I could no longer see the beauty of God’s creation or create an image of it on canvas. I become angry and bitter and spent years wondering what I would do with my life. What possible purpose could there be for me now? Years later a man came to me and said, “Why have you stopped painting?” “I am blind, you fool”, was my harsh response.The old man took my hands and said:“God made you blind in order that you might see. To serve God and man in a way that truly matters, one must care more to paint the beauty of Christ into the soul of a man then to spend his life in exercising his temporal gifts.”My canvas, now, is the hearts of men; my paint is the never ending hues and breathtaking colors of God’s Word; and my brush is held by the Holy Spirit’s powerful and loving hand. The paintings I now help to create will never hang in an art gallery; but they will last forever. They will bring more glory to God and beauty to the world than any framed masterpiece that has ever hung in the Louvre or any painting that has been auctioned off for a million dollars and hangs on the wall of a wealthy art collector’s estate.Painting the beauty of Christ into the soul of a man, one brushstroke at a time.

Photo by Job Earth on Flickr


Mel said...

I love this! I've thought of it so many times since I first read it on D.L.'s blog. I fully believe that God breathed this beautiful word picture into her heart and mind, and I'm so glad she shared it with us! (Not that He gave her much of an option...) I know that it was burning in her heart so fiercely that she simply had to share it. I'm glad you honored her and God's work in her by posting this. :)

FCB said...

Hi Mel,
I agree, I was taken by this as well, especially the line - "My canvas, now, is the hearts of men; my paint is the never endding hues and breathtaking colors of God's Word;" You gotta love that line, we read His words to us for a lifetime and always, a never ending hue and new color, regardless the season. So rich.
Enjoying Christ's fellowship of believers,