Sunday, October 12, 2008

I sat next to a thirty something woman in church today. She was alone on my left, my wife on my right. I have seen her a couple of times before, each time alone.
The worship music began and the singing started. It was a song geared for those much younger than I, and let’s say I wasn’t exactly ushered into the presence.
After the song we took a moment to greet those around us and when I shook her hand I noticed her eyes briefly glanced at mine and then away. She was pleasant looking but features harder than her age and no twinkle in her eye. Then the music began and we began another song, much like the first one, and the words were accompanied by a picture of a sunflower on the overhead screen. Suffice to say I was again a little disappointed in the song choice but as we were singing about butterflies and bonnets, forgive my sarcasm, it struck me to use this ‘interval’ to pray. As I was praying this woman sitting next to me came to mind and I began praying for her that whatever her situation, that she would experience the presence of God and find solace today in him. I followed the prompting to pray for her and as I began to pray that she would feel the joy of the Lord, my words became coincidentally sequenced with words in the song. I began to sing along now with some enthusiasm. When the song ended I notice she turned and bent down to get her purse. I was a little disappointed thinking she was about to leave, but it turned out she was reaching for a tissue because tears had flooded her face.
The Lord used this hidden drama to let me know He will let himself in regardless of circumstances, or my musical concerns, and if I happen not to be enthralled with a song choice, I can still redeem the time.
A lesson and a blessing.
Photo by Jose Mata


ForHisSake said...

Oh Fred - Now that is beautiful! The power of God in action.

Thanks so much for sharing.

HAINAngel2000 said...

Fred, Thank you for sharing this. I know God uses us to pray for one another. I know when God says to us to pray for someone we def need to listen to Him. Thank you for listening to the Lord in praying for her.

Mel said...

This relates so profoundly to your post about putting our words into action. I love how God prays through His people, answers prayers through His people, loves His people through His people, and is glorified in0 His people as His people allow Him to shine and flow through their lives.

I love hearing stories like this. These are the stories our kids - and all people - need to hear. So often this is how God talks to us... How He interacts with us on a personal level, sometimes multiple times throughout a day. We just need to have open hearts and eyes and ears that are sensitive to His presence and leading.

FCB said...

Hi D.L., Mary and Mel,
Thanks for your encouraging comments, it was a blessing and if I were't a blogger it would have been an isolated incident and just forgotten in a day or two. Although a bit anti-climactic that my motive for prayer was peevishness about the music, but 'all things....'

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Fred!

Very interesting post!

A real proof that God works wonders in strange, mysterious ways.

Thanks for sharing!

Have a wonderful day!