Tuesday, October 07, 2008

In the following quote by Timothy Titcomb from a chapter titled “Trust and What Comes of It”, he gives three examples that draw from us trustworthiness.
I love his illustration and it resonates deep within me, and I think in all but the most base, Christian or not.

“A child that comes to me in danger, or sorrow, or perplexity, and takes my hand, and looks into my eyes, and utters its wants in trust, begets in me trustworthiness, on the instant. It rouses into action all within me that is good and honorable and true, and I cannot betray that trust without a loss of self-respect that will make me contemn myself for a life-time.
A maiden who comes into my presence in guileless trust, and in any way places her destiny in my hands, would shame me into trustworthiness were my heart teeming with impurity.
Even the timid hare, hunted field to field, and hard beset by the baying hounds, would find a protector in me should it leap desperately into my arms, and lay the tumult of its frightened heart upon the generous beatings of mine.
The child, the maiden, the hare would beget in me trustworthiness, simply by trusting me. They would make me considerate and generous, and honorable. I should despise myself were I to harm either by a thought. Such beings, under such circumstances, would come to me as missionaries, bearing one of the very sweetest of the lessons of Christ.”
I wish everyone could read this entire chapter, but suffice to say this illustration of the way God has designed us is so wonderful and has so many ramifications that I will leave it stand on its own and look forward to any comments.
Photo by Jil Green


Matt said...

I like it. I find I act better in action than I do in my mind. When confronted with real need, I respond without the haze of a wandering mind. Things are clearer in those times, the good and the bad is they don't come around that often.

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Fred!

A gem of a post! It coveys a very simple but strong message in clear unambiguous terms.

The picture of the little girl leaves a lasting impression. She is grief or panic stricken, or she is in a spasm of paralysing fear,she is staring at some horrifying thing or perhaps she is all these things put together. A great photo!

Thanks for sharing!

Have a wonderful day!

Mel said...

The little girl in the picture looks so much like my 3-year-old daughter Rebecca that I can't look at it without seeing her. She is very passionate when she's upset, too, although I'm sure not for reasons as serious as this little girl might be.

I love this post because it reminds us that believing in someone inspires them to become the best of who they can be, whereas, by contrast, expecting the worst from them will many times become a self-fulfilling prophesy. Great food for thought!! Thanks for sharing!

Many blessings in Christ,

FCB said...

Hi Matt,
I thought you would like this, and also thought it would bring back faces that brought these very emotions out in you while with the oppressed. Situations like he describes are clear, most things in the US are not so visible, at least without some hunting.
Love Dad

Hi Joseph,
Thanks for your comments, and I feel the same way about this little girl, it is so distressing to see the innocent in anguish.
God Bless.

Hi Mel,
It is an inspiring post isn't it. It makes one want to be there for that person in need, and bless God forever that He equipped us with these protective emotions, and I think as we are reminded and as we grow in God we become more and more sensitive to - "justice, mercy and faithfulness".
Bless you back,