Sunday, March 08, 2009

I spent the weekend with my son Eric, who visited me from Spokane. We had a great time hanging out and going to all the great books in Portland. He caught a ride from two friends, Dan and Melissa Dailey, who only two months ago, adopted two young women from Ethiopia. When they dropped Eric off they came in for introductions and I was able to meet their two new daughters LemLem and Sara. Rescued daughters. Rescued orphans from the streets of Ethiopia.
My heart swelled with affection as soon as I laid eyes on these two shy but loving young women. I sensed the very love that Christ gave to Dan and Melissa for these two orphans. Although I restrained myself, everything within me wanted to grab them up and nearly squeeze the life out of them. I wanted them to know how much God cares for them, how glad I was to see them in America and freed from poverty.

I'm so proud of Dan and Melissa for answering the call of Christ to battle for the custody of these two young women; and Eric assured me it was a battle indeed.

Some times God gives us so much love for a total stranger that we feel we may burst with love; this was one of those moments.

Photo sent to me by Mel.


Mel said...

I'm so glad you got to meet these precious people, Fred, and that God filled your heart with love for them all. The Dailey's have been in my prayers for months, ever since finding their blog through Pastor E's blog. Praise God that they're here now, and that Dan and Melissa didn't give up. I'm grateful that you were able to enjoy this meaningful visit with your family as well. God is good!!

HAINAngel2000 said...

Fred I can see you wanting to love on them too. Your an amazing person and God has given you a true heart for children.
By the way I haven't forgotten about answering your email about coming up to see you. I was hoping to have a certain day set but I am not sure yet, and then I got busy and totally spaced it. Forgive me Fred. I am not sure where my brain has been lately. I do want to come up. I would like to take you out to lunch..Hy by the way my dad said he is going to try and be here around May or June if he follows through. I would love for all of us to go out or possible barbecue? Anyway..forgive me Fred again for not getting back!!! Love and hugs

Joseph Pulikotil said...

H i Fred :)

I couldn't believe my eyes when I read your post. Normally all your wisdom is taken from books but this time you are talking about real people- Dan and Melissa - absolute gems blessed and inspired by God. They saved two orphans from the street by adopting them. Amazing people, wonderful people and truly doing God's work on earth by practical example.

I am thrilled to read about them and the wonderful children who were saved not only from poverty but also got an opportunity to know and understand the TRUE GOD through Dan and Melissa.

Many thanks for sharing this wonderful real life story.

Best wishes :)

Danielle&Hannah said...

God is faithful as in this post. That is my daughter Hannah's topic for the weeek this week.
Go with 'faithfulness'!
1 Thessalonians 5:24

FCB said...

Hi Mel,
I am glad I was able to meet them, I would have loved to have spent more time with all of them; I can't remember when I had so many positive feelings about people in such a short time. They are a class act. I'm sure they are blessed and appreciative of your prayers,

Hi Mary,
I was kind of hoping we could have you while Eric was here. But my sister is coming up this summer and maybe we could coordinate a visit around that? She would love you and vice a versus.
Love Fred

Hi Joseph,
You are so right, they are absolute gems, and the girls they adopted have been so blessed. Dan and Melissa have done many things for the refugees that have come from Burma. They live out God's love and it is beautiful.
God bless Joseph,

Hi Danielle,
What a noble theme for Hannah. I can't wait to hear how God will love the world through her. She too is blessed.
To the next generation,