Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sue and I took Jordan and Carissa to Seattle, Washington and spent two days poking around as many interesting shops as we could, and our old tired feet would allow. Seattle has a lot to offer but in the winter, (yes I know it is spring but it was high 40's, misting incesently, and snowed on the way home), the islands and hiking are out. We found plenty to fill two days with and here are a few pictures we took.

We learned the first Starbucks was in this area, so we decided to take a picture of it and when we got there we found it packed with a line out the door. In addition this two person street act, singing out difficult to describe music, and the gal would break out into some kind of dance on a three by three wooden stage that she had a cowbell and washboard attached to that she played in between her clogging. Actually, they were pretty darn good. Got a tip outta me.

There are many little alleyways, some with shops others are walkways, and of course others you quickly pass right by. I took this shot out of a window because the building below had some colorful but unidentifiable decor. We decided to go down and look at it more closely.

Well, it wasn't exactly what I expected; this one building wall was covered with chewing gum! Don't ask me? but it seemed that if you needed to dispose of your gum this wall was where you came to leave your deposit. Of course we obliged.

Seattle is an odd place; a place of high fashion for sure, as this picture attests to.
Of course it misted the entire time we were there, but in Seattle folks know how to dress for it. This was taken at Pikes Market area, a section filled with unusual shops, a farmers market, cobble stone streets and right on the edge of the bay.

In one underground antique store I turned a corner and what did I see? A separate room down the stairs with the angelic words above the door -
"Books, Rare, Antique, New and Used." Heaven, I"m in heaven.....


Mel said...

That sounds like a really fun (albeit short) little getaway! It's cool that you were here in our very own state! Seattle is an ecclectic collection of individuals, groups, and artistry. It's got a deep personality running through its streets, and you captured much of it in your insightful photos. Thanks for taking them, and sharing them here, and for sharing a synopsis of your experiences. :)

I bet finding that tucked-away bookstore was like finding a precious gift hidden away just for you. Did you find any good books there?

I'm glad you made it home safely and that you and your family enjoyed such a fun time together. :)God is good!

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Fred :)

Many thanks for sharing your trip to Seattle. The photos were interesting.

The book store looks really old and dilapidated. I could see lot of old books and old photos. I hope you found something interesting.

Best wishes :)

LeaAnne said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your trip. What great luck finding that underground bookstore.

LeaAnne said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your trip. What great luck finding that underground bookstore.

FCB said...

Hi Mel,
Yes, it was a fun getaway, and when I get that travel bug, but have little time of money, I found Seattle just fit the bill.

Sounds like you know it well, your description was just as I found it.

There is no type large enough to exclaim my disappointment when I left that tantilizing book vault empty handed. Oh well, next time!

Hi Joseph,
Thanks for your comments, I'm trying to follow your example with this "photo journal". I always love your photo stories, especially in exotic India, with camels and elephants and color, color, color!
God bless,

Hi LeaAnne,
nice to see your name pop up (LeaAnne is my Foster Daughter).
I hope the pics. I sent you came through okay, can you believe the gum?
My heart bled, none to be read.
Love Fred